On The Box

So yeah I’m not usually the TV type of guy, until a week ago there was actually only one show that I followed. But any ways a couple of folks I know put me on to some shows and I’ve been glued to a screen trying to catch up with them. The first show I have been recommended, you already know because you can read if you’re reading this is “Gossip Girl” and whoa what an epic show it is. It really makes me jealous of women because yes men do it get some really good TV shows aimed towards them, it’s just that non of them make you want more the way this does. From the very first episode you know who your favourite character is, who you hate and who is just stupid. The story, where do I begin, matter of fact I’m not going to watch it, you will not be dissapointed. Every episode ends at a point which is by no means a cliffhanger but it still feels like one, great television.
The 2nd show I can’t stop watching is Entourage. It’s really good because it’s what every man wants to see, total opposite of Gossip Girl because I stay balanced. The shows follows Vincent Chase and his three best friends, if you don’t know who Vincent Chase is you should because he’s the biggest star in Hollywood. Well not quite but it’s about his journey to the top and all of the partying who does on his way there. Awesome plot and if you’re confused Vince is a fictional character.


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