Never Put Me In Your Box If Your Shit Eats Tapes

What I’m posting about is nothing less than an absolutely brilliant idea. Remember back in the day when all you had for your music on the go was either 45,60 or 90 minutes depending on how cheap you were. Yeah I’m talking about the walkman era, everyone had one and they were great because due to the limitedness of a tape you could ensure the song after the one you’re listening to will just be as great because you’re not going to waste precious tape time on a song you don’t even like right ? Well Italian designer Stefano Pertegato has bought back those days with an invention which has all the ups of a tape but you can rest assured that it won’t get chewed up in your deck. This is an MP3 player with a difference, not only does it look like a tape it pretty much works like one too. Available in 3 versions you can get either the 45,60 or 90 minute tape to store your MP3s on. However if you want to skip a track you’re going to have to put a bit of effort in by winding the tape, this ensures you select the songs you choose very carefully. Also if you start to run out of battery, just wind it up. On top of all that this looks great with a clean,classic, retro style. I love it. For more info click that.



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