Fenom Levi Jawnts

So Levi’s have been a very hot brand to collaborate with recently, I don’t know for some reason people just suddenly realised that they make dope jeans. Well yeah one of the folks that have been collaborating with Levi’s most have been Fenom. I have mixed feelings about the collection because some of them are really nice and some of them are just way too much. I think they’ve got the balance right here, this pair is available in the 505 or 207 fit. The thing that makes them different to all other Fenom 505 or 207s is that they’ve decided to through a ton of gold detail on to them. Well not exactly a ton of gold that’d be pricey but the zip,button,rivets etc are all in gold metal. They’re good jeans too because if you got so much gold on your jeans they better be decent denim right ? If you agree don’t worry Levi’s came with that Raw pink selvedge denim. If you like you can cop for around £280.00 from Levis Japan but I have no clue to why I gave you that link as all the jeans are sold out. >_>


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