Sloane Street

Usually a shop re-opening wouldn’t be important enough for me to blog about. So now you’re wondering why am I posting about a shop re-opening, well all shall be revealed if you take the time to keep reading. Gucci is re-opening their store on, yes you guessed it, Sloane Street. Gucci re-opening a store although quite cool for me, is really lacklustre news to be brutally honest. However this store is designer ! Whoa, now I’m interested. Frida Gianni has designed this store, it’s only the fifth store she’s designed so something tells me she must have a knack for it. Having designed stores in Hong Kong, Rome, New York and Munich, London was one of the obvious locations to renovate a boutique with a designer look. As for the design itself, it’s made to have the luxurious feel that we have come to expect from Gucci. Also to celebrate this event Gucci have released a limited edition ‘sloaney bag’ collection, designed by Frida Gianni (who else would) the bags in this collection have the famous Gucci monogram print but still maintain a British feel may be something to do with the union jack on the side. That being said all the bags in the collect aren’t a symbol of patriotism, some of the bags are relatively plain. My final words on this topic are, the new Gucci store looks stunning, designer or not the store is put together fabulously and it seems like a place you could spend all day in. For more info check out Gucci.


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