Right On Time.

The Houston Rockets beat the Spurs today to take the number 2 spot in the West today, just thought I’d say that because I’m glad I posted about them now. Now the real scoop, I’m all that and then some……… psyche. I just saw these watches by Mr. Jones and I was more than impressed. I was actually amazed at how great and clever these were. Every watch was a way to tell the time but each one had another function. My favourite of the bunch (even though the others are nice too, I just liked this one best) is the one shown in the image above. If like me you have an issue planning out your day and getting stuff done, this watch revolutionize the way you live. It doesn’t tell time in the usual way, it just tells you how the average day goes and what you should be doing. Not the smartest of the watches as far as craftsmanship goes but probably the most useful, witty and humorous.
You know when you see a chick you kind of like and you just happen to have a flower and then decide to spend your time pulling petals off a flower wondering whether or not she loves you. I’ve got a better way for you to spend your time, buy this watch and lift the crown and it will let you know whether it’s there or not. In the long run it’ll save you money because flowers get expensive.
This has no real life function unlike the rest of the collection. However it still looks great and is a nice piece of craftsmanship. There are two eyes on the face which move as time goes on however the eyes never meet. Plus did I mention it looks really really cool.
This is for the philosophical amongst us. It reminds us the way time works, every second we get we lose one.

All of these plus more are available at Watchismo and are very reasonably priced the highest priced watch is $145.00. For a watch of this calibre, that price is a steal.


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