My Favourite Stuff From Recent Fashion Weeks etc

The title pretty much is the point of this post. The reason I didn’t cover each week individually was because I was engrossed in other activity. However now I’ve kind of got more time, so I’m going to talk about my favourite menswear outfits which are dropping this Autumn or Fall (as some would say).
I’ll kick it off with Dior Homme. I was made aware Kris Van Assche is losing his job, to be honest upon hearing this I wasn’t like, “why ?”. A bunch of people just couldn’t get to grips with the fact that Hedi Slimane is no more at Dior and Kris had big shoes to fill. So yeah even though Dior is my favourite label of all time, I didn’t really like anything from their A/W 09 pieces. I did like the pieces that had crazy collars however, it appealed to the nerd inside me and reminded me of a time when anime inspired clothing was all I wanted. As for the matter of whose taking Kris’s job, you’ll find out soon(because you’ll look it up if you care enough) but uh he’s British.

Duckie Brown is slowly but steadily climbing the ladder of fashion labels I adore. Maybe I love this outfit because it again appeals to my inner child and reminds of that orange Nike jacket which looked oh so great back when I was a teenager. Or maybe because everything just fits even though you wouldn’t imagine it to be so. I like how the only major contrasting colour is orange and the line isn’t fixated on being revolutionary but is sensible and suited to the winter. Damn I want that jacket now!

A lot of folks will be like wtf but I still love fur coats. I know the bling era is over but I can’t tell you what about them appeals to me but I like them. Maybe it’s because they’ve got a heritage and history of being prestigious. I’d like to thank Moschino for actually using it. The whole outfit is actually great and practical, I would actually wear this day to day if it was that cold here. If you’re going to be in Antarctica exploring this year, this is the way to do it in style.

Ricardo Tisci is that dude over at Givenchy. I just can not get over his style. His line was pretty much all black but I didn’t look at it and think “that’s dull”. I actually thought ” Wow that’s Gangster”, ha it’s weird but all his clothes just look very late 80’s hells angel,gritty and street to me. I love it!

I actually did a whole post dedicated to Gucci but I thought I’d just bring it up again because I like it that much.

Never thought I’d see yellow pants and be like OMG that’s great but I was when I saw this line by Hermés , I was like OMG.  Another trend that I noticed was that boots are going to be great this winter.

Now for my favourite of them all. Versace really did it for me because honestly I could see myself in everything that I saw from their show. It was amazing and although the above picture doesn’t look very enticing, I just love the simplicity of this outfit. But at the same time it’s a little different, a little edgy if you can see what I mean.

Again from Versace. I just love how they’ve made what some would think of as everyday lounge wear, look so sophisticated or maybe that’s just me.

So that was my favourite line. But for a single piece of clothing I have to give it to this jacket by Vivienne Westwood. She always has crazy methods of putting clothes together which turn out great. This is a perfect example of that.


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