Louis Vuitton 2009 Footwear

I was just taking a look at the new Louis Vuitton footwear collection for 2009 which is available at their boutiques and online store. But yeah some of the shoes interested me and I thought I’d share that with you. First up is the Lace up shown in the image above, I like this because it’s obviously a business shoe for the CEO’s amongst us but it does have a flare of design to it as well due to the subtle Daimler print on the leather.
Next up is this white dress shoe. Unlike my first choice it is far more casual. But the large holes draw attention to it and it would go great whether you’re wearing a casual suit or in some clack and a polo.
I liked this for the same reasons as the white shoe. That and shoes like this are going to be killing it this summer.
Only sneaker I liked I from the entire collection. Unlike the rest which are either plain boring or mutilated with monogram print, This shoe doesn’t beg for attention but deserves it for being a modern day classic.
Finally if you’re on the beach kicking it in some shorts, this is the only way too do it.


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