Breitling Navitimer Limited Series

So anyone who has a Navitimer or a Breitling for that matter, can look at their watch and if they can be bothered counting up the years they’ll realise it’s Breitlings 125th birthday. Birthdays are always cool for brands because they always release something really limited and desirable. But it’s really limited, so even though you really want it chances are you won’t be able to find it. Case and point with this watch. It comes in a stainless steel, satin brushed and polished case. It also has a 60s tribute bracelet called the “air racer”, I think opinion on this bracelet will be mixed but I think we can agree that  it’s kind of new and interesting. The movement itself is top of the line, as you would expect. It’s an exclusive movement called the Breitling caliber 26 and it features a 38-jewel self winding chronograph. Oh and I may have forgot to mention only 2009 of these will actually be available. Also available in red gold if steel isn’t your thing.


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