Good Morning Vietnam

It feels so good to be home, well I was always home but it feels good to have computer back at home. Back to business then, Chris Breezy beat Rihanna :O !!!!! Honestly though who would’ve thought it, Chris Brown would be able to hit Rihanna, if they were in the ring my money would be on Rihanna winning mos def. But non the less this story is bizzare, interesting and most of all, hilarious. It’s been growing  jucier ever since the original news of Chris Brown turning himself in for assaulting an anonymous women til the point Jay-Z implied he is going to whoop his ass. So yeah I just wanted to express my opinion about this.

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  1. Vanessa said:

    hey chris brown you were my idol and you were my celebrity crush but now i do NOT like anymore. because rihanna is a girl and you shouldn’t of done that. if i was her i wouldn’t give you and chance. but you got lucky. so do NOT mess this time.PPPLLLZZZ!!!!

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