Rock Candy “Be My Valentines” Jawnts

Mr Robotto Jawnt
Yup it’s that month and next Saturday is that day. For the guys this can be a tough time because you really have no clue what to get, whether you should get something crazy awesome or keep it casual or what to do on the actual date. For those who are lost I’m talking about Valentines Day, the title could have given you a hint. But yeah something that never goes down badly with the ladies is jewelery. Sadly most jewelery this time of year is extremely corny. The jeweler will recommend hearts but I’d recommend avoiding them. Some stuff that I think looks cool and will possibly go down well is this stuff basically. It’s by a Chinese brand called Rock Candy that specialize in Jewelery. All of the stuff looks cool at the very least, even the stuff with the love hearts. So yeah check it out, this doesn’t come cheap however prices start at around £260 and go up all the way to £3700 so you may want to consider some other options. But hey you can’t put a price on love really can you >_> lol.

Two Iced Dog Tags.

An even icier Dog Tag.

A not so corny but still not my favourite heart ring.


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