Colourful Swatches

This post has nothing to do with swatch, my apologize if the title was misleading. The post is about the new Timex watch though and it’s looking mighty stylish yo. It’s a change because Timex as a brand has the image of boring practical watches used by hikers and cyclists. That’s not the case with this though, it seems to me this snazzy looking time piece is in direct competition with the current fan favourite, the Casio G-Shock. I do believe however there is space in the market for two brands of digital colourful watches and all 7 colourways this is featured in look nice so why not. It’s also great if you want a watch that does what it says on the box but don’t want to be like everyone else and rock a Casio. I’ve heard they will be available at Collete some time in the future but have no clue on the price, it maybe expensive but It’s Timex so I doubt it.


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