Urwerk Watches

Urwerk – 103

Urwerk is a Swiss watch company who claim that their designs are the “Future of fine watchmaking”. Most people would think that’s a very bold claim and if you were to take in to account the fact that companies such as A Lange & Sohne, Frank Muller, Patek Phillippe and even Rolex are still making very good fine watches. You’d probably argue this claim is surely false but you probably wouldn’t have witnessed what Urwerk is capable of. They have created what they believe to be the future of time keeping (the 103). It’s a complicated movement which uses 4 satellites to tell the time. Sounds crazy I know but it looks so awesome. Hi grade titanium is used through out the watch to ensure the pieces are light weight and the best for time keeping. It also has a classic marine style chronograph on the back of the watch and a fine tuning screw so you can adjust the time by 30 seconds. Basically I can talk about the complication all day but my point is this is a really cool new watch brand. You can read up more on it at there site because if I was to explain everything I’d go on all day and probably confuse you alot.
The movement exploded.
The 103T model.
Its face.
The chronograph on the back.


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