Louis Vuitton x Kanye

You might have seen pictures, the word on the street is Marc Jacobs and Kanye are best friends now a days. Rightly so as Kanye is the self proclaimed Vuitton Don. Well due to their great friendship Kanye has been allowed to create a line of sneakers for Louis. There has been previews of the first two of his sneakers and to be perfectly honest I didn’t think enough of them to blog about them. Actually the boat shoe was the niceness but the sneaker, not so much. This however I can see being my steez, Kanye took this picture and uploaded it to his blog last night before going to the club. It’s sad because all we can actually make out from it is the shape, which looks terrific (hence me finally blogging about the issue). Hopefully better pictures will come out soon. I’ll update as soon as they do so watch this space ! Until then I’ve hit you up with the pictures of his last two Louis Vuitton shoe releases and you can make your mind up about them.

These were the first shoes unveiled. Have that classy but casual thing going on.
These were second to be shown to the public and these two colourways I personally believe are way too ugly.
Here’s Kanye with all 4 colourways of the second sneaker, they don’t suck as much in black and white.

  1. haider said:

    ahhh man those hi-tops are ill

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