Word To Obama

Okay I’m late, but it’s the only time I’ve been able to access my computer in the last 24 hours but back to the post. It’s finally happened, the United States of America has inaugurated a black president. I didn’t want too say that because it shouldn’t matter what colour his skin is, however in the society that we’re living in appearance is more valuable than character to most. That being said every time some one mentions Obama, I say ” I can see him being a great president”, not because he’s African American but his actions up til now have led me to believe so. Hopefully over the next four years he will prove me right.So I’ve also got some goodies to commemorate this joyous occasion. The first being the my president is black remix with Jigga man. The second being photos from Pete Souza. For those wondering who the hell that is, he is the official white house photographer employed mainly to document this historic event.

Jay-Z – My President Is Black RMX



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