Gucci Fall/Winter 09

Winter 09 is closer than you think. It’s weird if you think about it because some people would argue today is “Winter 09” but that’s not the point. The point here is a well dressed one. Gucci released images of their fall/winter line today, from their fashion show on Monday. As I looked through it I noticed Gucci is going with roughly the same look of this season but shiny coats and fur seem to be making a come back. I love fur coats so I’m pretty delighted with the new Gucci line. I also like how classy yet casual the suits are. Black seems to be back but the vibrant metallic colours are still there but less in your face and a lot more subtle as they should be. Overall I’m pretty happy with the Gucci fall/winter 09 line. Here are a few of my favourites.

Fur is muder because it be killen em no two ways about it.


I dunno, I just have a thing for pea coats especially when you add a bit of shiny blue in to the mix.


That classy but casual look I was talking about, you wouldn’t look at this man and think he’s coming from a board meeting but you would know he is important or has a louis duffle bag full of style.



A way too hit up the board room and look better than anyone else there.

For the full gallery hit up Gucci.

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