A Short Review : The Wackness.

Who would have guessed it. The Wackness is actually dope. It’s a film set in the 90’s which is my favourite era, so the setting was starting to look dope. It was also set in NYC which is very dope. Hip-Hop was a major part of the film which was like extremely dope. The film happens to be about a guy (Josh Peck aka Josh from Drake & Josh) who has just graduated high school and is about too spend his summer selling dope,dope! The film is a story of, well growing up more than anything. It’s a story about how life is and it’s very real. One of the reasons I really enjoyed this film was the soundtrack, every single track in this film took me back too a time where everything was simpler. Which I felt went great with the film because everything seemed so complicated. Oh and another great thing was the acting, from beginning to end Josh Peck ( from Drake and Josh, I keep saying that because you really wouldn’t believe it was him) portrayed this character flawlessly. The story may not seem interesting on paper but when you see this film, you just relate, it’s so real.


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