Ugh Nice Watch

Damn on a news basis, today has been shit cakes. I’ve been looking for a while and nothing has interested me. So I took a stroll to Watchismo (Its a watch shop which interests people who like watches, I have it on favourites) and they had some real cool vintage watches. The site sells loads of watches but one thing about them is they are all unique time pieces in there own way. So I picked 3 awesome wrist watches that if you ever hit the jack pot or even if you get to choose a birthday present you should consider. The first is the one in the picture above and as you have probably guessed it’s for Muslims. It has a compass which points to Mecca and has rotating bezel so you can know the time in other parts of the world. Some craftsmanship also went into it because it was made in 1972 and has a automatic winding mechanism which is cool. The watch would look awesome on your wrist regardless of religion and it cashes in at a modest $365.00


The next watch happens to be the most expensive out of the three but it’s because I’m a sucker for designer labels. At $1,650, I probably wouldn’t even consider this but I would be a fool. The watch is a very rare model by Jaeger LeCoultre. Just by looking at the watch you can tell it’s from the 70’s. It has that futuristic look to it, whilst still looking slick.


My last watch is also from the 70’s. It’s by Elix and costs $685.00 but it looks great. The dome just, I dunno does it for me. Also there’s something about mechanical watches with digital faces that really appeals to me. It’s crazy nice and that’s a round up of my vintage watch picks. Tune in again next week for AbDizzy talks some shit.


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