A wrap up shun

So the year has come to an end, I’m just going to go ahead and write a post on the highs and lows of the year well mostly the highs. This is basically my list of what was the awesomest this year. For those who are unaware this is all my opinion so feel free to disagree.

The Best Album
Well basically there wasn’t many albums up for this honour. I wasn’t looking forward to many albums this year, the ones I wasn’t looking forward to for the most part were shit and the ones I was like OMG that’ll be awesome were really not. So it came down to this and 808’s and I felt if I gave it to 808’s it wouldn’t be as well deserved as Ne-Yo because before this album I hated him. This album made me like him therefore Ne-Yo gets my favourite album of the year.

The Best Film
There is no competition, Dark Knight wins it hands down. There were other good films I’d like to mention, well only one. Burn After Reading was dope check it out if you haven’t. Also I can be cliché and go on about how good Heath Ledger and I will because he  really was that good.

The Best TV Show
I pick The Inbetweeners and most people who saw the series would agree. The shit’s absolutlely hilarious.

The Best Pair Of Jeans
I had to give these jeans an award because over the past year I just look at these jeans and be like ZOMG I need to get a pair. They’re a better investment than G-Stars. They’re the Levi Red Diamonds btw.

The Best Kicks
The Nike Air Yeezys get it because even though they’re a hypebeasts dream. They look awesome.

The Best Designer Line
It goes to Gucci because I really liked it but Christian Dior is the Dopeness. >_>


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