What the hell’s wrong with Disney ?


So I was watching this joint as it’s Christmas and the thing you have to do if you run a TV station is air a Disney flick. So yeah, I’m watching Peter Pan, not because I enjoy Peter Pan but because there was a child who is quite stubborn and knows what she wants to watch in the room. However whilst watching Peter Pan I noticed a few things and it made me say “dayum Disney messed up”. You’re thinking what have you been smoking, well I haven’t but apparently Peter Pan has. He takes some so called “Fairy Dust” and suddenly he can fly. C’mon that’s pretty fishy. On top of that this guy is a hoodlum who chills with his crew of up to no good kid’s. I’m not even going to get started on how much of a pedophile Captain Hook is. Disney need some censoring yo !

End Transmission


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