Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2009


I have to admit with this one I’m kind of band wagoning (I’ve just seen Tom Ford’s collection about for a few days on various blogs). I do however understand why this collection is getting alot of hype and has got the bloggers going crazy.

Before being able to make this post, I had to do my research on Tom Ford because to be quite frank I wasn’t too sure of who he is and what he does. I actually discovered that this man is a genius to some extent. I had never heard of him because most of his life he had been working behind the scene for major fashion houses. He was even creative director for Gucci for 10 years. It became very apparent why his line has so much hype, this man is some what legendary. When looking at his clothing you can see why. All his clothing is very laid back but still keeping alot of style and sophistication. Kind of how you would dress if you were attending a party on a private yacht, classy but not too serious. No wonder his line is ranked in the same league as Marc Jacobs, the man really understands fashion. If you don’t believe me see for yourself.



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