I don’t really like to but ummm…

I didn’t really want to do a post introducing the blog but I believe I kind of have to. This is my blog it’ll be very similar to the blog that I worked on with Moose and Ozzie but it’ll have a more personal feel. That being my intro and I’m actually going to do a proper post.This post, as you probably have guessed is about the watch pictured. I’m a big fan of great craftsmanship, I really love it when a watchmaker spends a lot of time and hard work to make a watch. It’s a sign of quality and when you see this quality, you automatically know a lot of time and hard work went into making that. I also adore thing which look good, I’m not alone on that one. This watch does both of those thing. It’s named “The Visionary Lion” and is made by British independent watch maker Speake-Marin. He employed the help of Japanese artist Yamazaki Mushi, who spent 3 months gathering materials and colours to design the face layer by layer. You can see the result a fantastic looking time piece.


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